Playing is only an instant away. Ahrbol can provide teenagers with some easy play. Just to play with a ball and at the same time have some fun looking at all the objects on the ball. It is not necessary to stick to the game rules of Ahrbol. Teenagers are champions in finding new ways to do old things. So any group of teenagers can have a blast by making their own version of playing Ahrbol.

And although that might be said about anything you offer to teenagers. Most modern games, products have very little room for imagination, intuition, movement, spatial skills. Most electronic games offer a very defined path of play, with very few options for adding your own version of play to it. You can only choose between what is already programmed into the game or device. And you have to derive pleasure from "scoring" somehow. Otherwise you get stuck or you have to pay for more options to choose from. In this whole procedure a teenager is guided towards more consumption rather than play.

Ahrbol is just about playing with a ball, being present with other people and leaving things to the moment. Maybe a moment of rest in a very demanding world. Ahrbol can be just an invitation to move or to talk about things, because of what you see on the ball. To talk face-to-face as opposed to the moves of your fingers on a screen and a bit of virtual exchanges of pictures, signs and text.

As Ahrbol can both be used inside and outside, an even on a beach and in a pool. It can help teenagers to move about and get away from any electronic device for the much needed bodily movement and having fun, while learning all at the same time.

Playing Ahrbol is a far deeper reaching experience without a consumption plan to it.