The impaired people

But it is possible to play Ahrbol easily with people who are intellectually impaired. As you can adopt the difficulty level of the objects on the ball you are looking for you. As Ahrbol is a simple game, it accommodates easily to people with impairments, whatever they might be. The biggest advantage of Ahrbol being: an invitation to be engaged in a physical game, through catching a ball and through finding vivid pictures.

Since Ahrbol is a beach ball; the game can be played by many groups who are challenged physically. It can even be used in a pool for training the body of those who have difficulty with the body-mind connection and any spatial skill. It can be used to just throw and catch a ball in the water. The water being an environment that prevents people from getting hurt. At the same time because of its vivid pictures and the game attached to it, it keeps the mind involved.

So you come into the world, into the now and you join with people, who are trying to do exactly the same. Catching a ball, having a look, all the while having fun.