The elderly

It is more vital than at any other stage of life to stay occupied as one grows older. Not only for the body but as well for the mind. Even more so, for those who are "retired". Many retired people have problems staying focused, staying mobile, remaining engaged in society. As such they lose more easily a positive outlook on life. And are more prone to an early onset of dementia than people who stay active and open to learning.

Now, playing Ahrbol is learning. It keeps the body active. Ahrbol is light enough to pose no problem to those who suffer from arthritic problems, nor for those with brittle bones. Secondly, the game invites people to listen and to stay focused. It is really interactive. The loss of social contact and pleasurable encounters is another element that contributes to the loss of self-confidence in the elderly. Being able to play and boost one's memory is a huge advantage of playing Ahrbol.

Unlike many other games Ahrbol can be played outside and inside. This is definitely an advantage for the elderly. In case circumstances prevent the person from going outside, one can still play Ahrbol, even in a small space. But also outside, one can also play in a pool. Moving about in water is highly beneficial for the body and mind. If you add Ahrbol to it, the picture is complete.

On top of that, Ahrbol can be played at almost any age, it brings down the barriers between generations. Playing with the ball brings back the joy of the moment, instead of just waiting for time to pass by and to feel dull and disengaged at the end of the day.