Any group of people with a common interest

Ahrbol being a ball and as such round, brings people together. Really together, physically and around a ball. You are not divided into different camps, with different views. It is all about playing with a ball and finding something. Elements we can all share, no matter our opinions, our interests.

You might have a common interest, such as being co-workers or having the same hobby or social status. It does not matter. You play Ahrbol and you relax, you have fun moving and talking. And the game takes you out and beyond your very own limited experience into a wider, unknown world.

You do not even have to know the other person in advance. You can simply , gently throw the ball to another person. Very much like a young child, without fear who invites another child to come along to play. And the person catching the ball, will probably feel invited to go along for a while or longer. Or if not, the person will not feel offended and will still give you a big smile.

And as you play you are already engaged in an active exchange of patterns, of learning body-mind information. Learning a lot at subconscious levels, you could not learn in any other way so effortlessly and with so much fun.

In fact you return to your true instincts of learning every moment, by being open and ready to the moment. All the while being engaged in a game with another person, fully in control, having the possibility to play at different levels, for a different set of goals and having a great laugh. Playing is learning how to laugh at life.