First of all, it is a ball. A very soft ball. So very handy to handle even for younger children. The handling of the ball is in itself a process of learning how to master motor skills. And this from the age of a toddler to a child of ten. The intricate pictures will capture the attention of the child. Especially since there are so many pictures, objects to discover and they stretch in all directions across the ball. This naturally drawn attention brings the mind and the body in-line. The child is now focused, all by itself, without any coercion. And yet it is just playing.

Because some young children might not be able to read yet, you can explain how they can play Ahrbol, according to the game rules on the inside of the pouch. This explanation will take about a minute. Because the game played with Ahrbol is very close to what children naturally do. To explore, to get to know by any means they can. Throwing a ball, focusing on an object, memorizing it, listening to questions, voicing questions and staying focused playfully, are all actions children do by instinct. But here all these actions are put together in a toy. Inviting the children to interact with one another.

And that is where most of the learning takes place. In the interaction of a body-mind with another body-mind. While many modern games, especially electronic ones, are also interactive socially. They usually score very poor on developing the body-mind connection and the real interaction of one child with another child being present.

For very young children holding the ball and looking at it, might be the big challenge. For older children, the element of finding a difficult object might be more fun. Or the element of remembering all the questions the other children have voiced during the game.

For children Ahrbol has the advantage of being a toy for indoor play, but also for outdoor and even more so for playing on the beach and in a pool. For toddlers Ahrbol can be the perfect tool to learn how to catch a ball and hold it , even while they are in water. Making it more easy for them to move their bodies.

For sure playing with a ball and finding something is always fun, learning!