Furthermore playing has a lot more benefits than a lot of other means adults use to relax. Playing brings back the child and all its lively energy. Especially if competition is taken out of the game. And although it does not seem like it, playing just for fun, brings a whole lot more than just relaxation. It connects the body to the mind, making it whole. Playing might be a lot more useful to solve an "adult problem" than actually tackling the problem with all means available to the already overstressed mind.

Playing Ahrbol among adults is harmless fun. It can be played at any time, in almost every kind of surroundings. It involves bodily movement and interaction with other people, physically. Two elements for a healthier and better life many adults lack. By playing Ahrbol you tone your body and you tune your mind to the game. Because of its intuitive nature and simple game play, you can attune the game rules to accommodate your possibilities. You can decide yourself how long to play or how you will set the score or what you will be looking for on the ball.

Ahrbol invites any adult to be daring to ask bold questions, yet at the same time to exercise some self-restraint, as not to give away your answer to the others. While at the same time you focus to listen to the other players' questions as they try to find things on the ball.

It is harmless fun, because you can learn from your mistakes and those of others as they guess and fail to find the object on the ball. And still continue to have fun. As none of your effort is lost, this is effortlessly learning whilst playing.

Like any physical game, you interact with your body and mind as you play Ahrbol. A huge advantage for many adults who are glued to an electronic device and seem to have lost both the ability of gross motor skills, fine motor skills ,vocal communication and the ability to wait. In Ahrbol you use both hands to play and you use a whole range of human skills as you play and you still have fun.